Our bludgers, criminals and tax dodgers in Australia just got sold out by Abbott

Good job too.

Tax officials in Australia and New Zealand have agreed to share more information to try and help New Zealand recoup millions of dollars in unpaid student loans from people living in Australia.

Prime Minister John Key and Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, announced the information sharing arrangement at the annual leaders meeting yesterday.

Revenue Minister, Todd McClay said under the agreement, tax officials in Australia would be able to provide up-to-date contact information to their colleagues in New Zealand.

“We know that when we contact people, they start paying. Approximately 70 percent of overseas borrowers we contact begin to repay their debt. This new arrangement with Australia will ensure we contact many more borrowers,” he said.

Tertiary education minister Steven Joyce estimated “some $686 million of student loan defaulted debt is held by borrowers living overseas, and an estimated 65 per cent of those people reside in Australia.”

Well, we know why Steve wants the money back – he’s got to pay his mates at Team New Zealand and SkyCity they money he promised but has failed to deliver. ?And Bill English won’t let it happen unless the money is there.

Good move though. ?Scumbags that live the high life on the taxpayer and then go hide in another country to try not to pay back their loans deserve every bit of scrutiny and frustration that we can heap upon them. ? They were assisted to get their education, and now they need to pay back so the privilege can be extended to others.

Radio New Zealand calls the amount owed by New Zealanders hiding from their obligaions in Australia “millions of dollars”. ?Steve Joyce claims is about half a billion.

But the head of the Union of Students’ Associations, Rory McCourt, – which represents 400,000 students at university’s, whanaga, polytechnics and those in trades training – said that was a fraction of the $15 billion of student debt, most of which was held by people living in New Zealand.

Seems Rory is suggesting we write the half a billion off because it’s only a “fraction” of what is owed. ? Erm, no.