Pam sidles up to the North Island

Even though Pam has been downgraded to category 4, the fact is is tracking closer to New Zealand than forecast is little comfort for those in the north and east of the North Island.

Latest wind maps …?are painting a worrying picture overnight tonight for the northeastern tip of the North Island – especially the East Cape region, including eastern Bay of Plenty and inland Bay of Plenty towards Taupo.

The severe gales (or hurricane force winds) that are wrapped around the eye of this cyclone are looking increasingly likely to push into this part of New Zealand.

These especially strong winds look set to push into the East Cape, Gisborne area during Monday morning – then speed up even further as they come down the western side of those ranges nto eastern Bay of Plenty. Not a common storm direction – but a potentially damaging one in this set up.

We can see a belt of damaging south easterly severe gales that will spill over the Gisborne and Hawkes Bay ranges and speed up even more as they blast across eastern Bay of Plenty, inland Bay of Plenty and west towards Taupo and Central Plateau.

…?winds of 150km/h are possible in Gisborne City – but that as those winds rush down the Bay of Plenty side of the ranges may reach closer to 200km/h in some valleys foothills.

For a while it looked like the warnings would be over-hyped, with Pam expected to miss most of the country, but it is increasingly likely that some of us are going to get more than just the tail.

If you are in the affected areas, and you haven’t already done so, bring all the loose stuff inside and secure major items such as trampolines.


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