People are stupid and annoying and I hate you all


A friend sent me this list of things that are annoying about?how “hell is other people“.

I can identify strongly with this.

1. When you?re sitting by yourself in a public place and someone sits next to you, your first instinct is great. I hope they don?t start talking to me.

2. Then they start talking and you?re like, FUCK.

3. They?re blah blahing about their day while you silently wonder who you pissed off recently to warrant this kind of karmic retribution.

Bottom line is I don’t play well with others and don’t see why I should.

I hate going to shopping centres because there are stupid people doing stupid things and I have to tell them, they get upset for some reason like it is a revelation to them that they are stupid. They already think I am a rude person so I can’t fathom a reason as to why I should dis-abuse them of that notion.?

Few people get my respect. ?They need to use their brain first, and that cuts out 95% of people…probably more like 98% of people since I expect them to use their brain at the same level as me.

7. Basically, you hate small talk. But ESPECIALLY when it?s with someone you don?t even know. You hate having to waste your energy on strangers.

This is especially annoying, and people come up to you in malls and restaurants and cafes and want to discuss something I should be doing for them…argggh. When my phone rings it is mostly people wanting something from me…it is rare for it to be someone calling just to see how I am travelling.

13. When you see someone trying to call you your immediate reaction is to sigh in utter disgust and contempt. Calling!?!!? What is this ? the 1950s??? Text me, you idiot!

Yeah then it is much easier to ignore.

19. All of your friends are people who also hate people, so it?s absolutely perfect because when you get together you spend the entire time talking about how much everyone else sucks. You guys have a mutual understand you both hate everything and it?s cool. It?s basically why you two are so close.

I have great friends, just not a lot of them. They are loyal, I’ve allowed them behind my wall…there is trust there…and yes we all hate other people too. When we are together it is carnage, especially if you are the fool who has decided to interrupt our misanthropy.

I only go out to malls and public places when I absolutely have to, it is not my idea of relaxtion…being in the bush with only animals to shoot and a couple of like-minded mates is my idea of peace and quiet…if you can call gunfire peace and quite (it’s rather soothing actually).


– Thought Catalog