Peters to resign from list so NZ First can score another MP

Life just got tougher for John Key with Winston Peters confirming he will resign from the NZ First list after his win on Saturday.

That means NZ First will bring another MP into parliament increasing the opposition umbers by one and National reduced by the loss of Northland.

Northland’s new MP Winston Peters has confirmed he will resign from the list – making it harder for the Government to govern.

The NZ First leader, who convincingly wrestled National’s strong hold on the electorate by more than 4000 votes, told Radio NZ’s Morning Report that there was never a question that he would resign as a list MP.

“Of course I’ll resign, I don’t know why it was ever a material question.”

Under MMP rules, Peters resigning as a list MP means the next candidate on NZ First’s list can enter Parliament. ?

So NZ First would continue to have the 11 list MPs it was entitled to because of its party vote at the 2014 election, plus Peters as a 12th – electorate only – MP.

But National will not gain another list MP to compensate for the loss following the shock resignation of Northland’s former MP Mike Sabin.

This is the result of Steve Joyce’s brilliant Northland strategy…and for some reason he is being protected.

MPs and Ministers have been sacked for less.

The man who has never stood for an electorate seat, nor even for selection looks like he is getting off the hook for any blame.

Caucus tomorrow will either be a slug-fest or Silence of the Lambs…if MPs sit there and take the excuses and don;t say anything then they have resigned themselves to a loss in 2017 and the demoralisation and rot really will have set in.

A party in good heart will have a big donnybrook, and some claret will get spilled and a solution found for the way forward. Anything else will show that National’s caucus are more like Pavlov’s dogs than anything else.



– Fairfax