Peters to run again in 2017? Sure. But not for Northland

Winston Peters has won the Northland by-election and effectively handed National’s dream team of John Key and Steven Joyce their first political defeat.

It was a resounding victory. The New Zealand First leader won more than 15,000 votes, leaving National candidate Mark Osborne 4000 votes behind.

The message from Labour to vote Mr Peters left Willow-Jean Prime with only 1300 votes.

Mr Peters has made political history again, saving one of his best tricks for last and winning Northland strikes on two levels.

The roaring success for Mr Peters is the humiliating blow to National.

With the win now under his belt, Mr Peters, who turns 70 in two weeks, has revealed he’s in for another round in 2017.

He also plans to make good on his promise to move to the North.

This is the most significant political defeat Mr Key has ever faced. He’d warned his politicians last year not to succumb to third-term arrogance.

But that is what this looks like. National assumed it would have Northland in the bag so it put up a novice candidate.

It’s a tough lesson for the Government. It’ll be rubbed in on Tuesday when Parliament sits again.

The Mr Peters vs Mr Key showdown is not to be missed.

Shane Jones will stand for Northland for NZ First. ?And it will become a NZ First safe seat, the parting gift to the nation by the ultimate politician we all love to loathe… Winston Raymond Peters.

He’s loving every minute of this. ?And who can blame him.


– 3 News