Phil Goff tries reverse psychology

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via Stuff

Sending troops to Iraq is playing into the terrorist’s hands, opponents say.

New Zealand is sending 143 military personnel into Iraq including 16 specialist trainers to train Iraqi soldiers.

Prime Minister John Key says he doesn’t think the Islamic State would be defeated in two years, but New Zealand would make a contribution and not stay in Iraq longer than that.

Labour’s defence spokesman Phil Goff says the $35 million being spent to send New Zealand trainers could make a real difference providing humanitarian aid.

The United States had spent billions of dollars and put thousands of trainers in with no effect, he told the programme.

“The Iraqi army is corrupt, it’s sectarian, it’s incompetently led, it lacks morale. None of those things can New Zealanders do anything about. This is sheer tokenism by John Key.”

Unlike other military action New Zealand had been involved in, there was also no achievable objective, Mr Goff said.

“The risk that we’re putting our people at is high risk, low outcome. It’s the worst we could do.”

Phil Goff will have us believe ISIS wants the world to send troops to wipe them out because… ?something.

He and his party would prefer to idly stand by and let the evil that is ISIS continue unopposed.

A bit odd for an ex leader of a political party with quite a large gay faction – you’d think they’d be quite motivated to have their brothers and sisters saved from being thrown off buildings.

New Zealand is going in not because it wants to – but because it has to. ?Someone has to put a stop to these atrocities. ?I’m proud we’re part of the group of countries that are doing more than blame Obama, or Iraqi internal problems, or are simply intimidated into not acting.

Goff would have us send aid money to refugees instead.

Sounds like a perfect business model to me: ?let ISIS run amok and then we poor in money via the UN “helping” these people in camps.

As for calling Key on tokenism. ?Can I please have the Labour Party statement that we’re withdrawing from all emission targets towards “solving” climate change? ?After all, New Zealand is so small, it’s not even worth the effort.


– NZN via 3 News