POAL: What a fiasco!

So far I?ve stayed out of the fiasco that is the Ports of Auckland expansion of their wharfs into Auckland?s Waitemata Harbour.

Lying Len Brown is doing such a good job at sticking himself in the neck over the issue it?s no wonder his team have defected to Phil Goff?s camp.

But the tip line has been hot over the issue, including being sent a POA paper explaining what?s happening and why.? It?s part of their PR offensive.

But explaining is losing. And boy are they losing.

So who is behind this PR mess? ?

There?s the PR spin merchant, in this case Ports of Auckland?s communications? manager Matt Ball. But it?s clear his influence on strategic issues is limited as it would have been his job to warn the POA Management Team Board that this issue would put them way off side with the public.


There?s the POA Management Team, led by CEO Tony Gibson. It would have been their job to evaluate the options, make the recommendation and then seek Board sign off.


The Board would have looked at the business case and said yup, that all stacks up. No real need to worry about what the public thinks, it?s already been given the green light by Lying Len?s Council.

They?ve got a job to do and they?re not going to let some grubby little protesters get in their way of extending the wharfs to park more cars on and occasionaly have the QE2 park up alongside.

But now you have politics come into play.

And that?s when the attitude of ?we don?t care? about the views of Aucklanders isn?t going to work out well for them.