Police claim 16 year old drank 9 litres of wine

I’m calling bulldust

A 16-year-old boy who police say drank nine litres of wine was found unconscious in a mall yesterday.

In a tweet about 6.30pm, Manukau police said the teenager was found outside a mall and taken to hospital by ambulance.

A Middlemore Hospital spokeswoman said the boy was still in the emergency department last night, but was in a stable condition.

Nine litres is the equivalent of 12 standard bottles of wine at 750ml each.

Putting aside for a moment that we had a 16 year old comatose in the street…

…try drinking?9 litres of water. ?Seriously, I say it is impossible. ?If you are drinking that much water, let alone wine, you’ll trigger hyponatremia.

British actor Anthony Andrews survived a case of water intoxication in 2003. He was performing as Henry Higgins in a revival of the musical My Fair Lady at the time, and consumed up to eight litres of water a day. He was unconscious and in intensive care for three days…

Cases of children drinking 4 litres or even less have lead to death. ?A 21 year old died after 5-6 litres.

And that’s just water. ?Add the alcohol to the picture, and you have a case of alcohol poisoning before you get to die of hyponatremia.

The fact that this is just breathlessly reported without someone going “hang on a minute” is no surprise – we’re used to that. ?Especially when you read it in


– the NZ Herald