Police take control of bad tourist drivers

Police suspended a French visitor’s licence on the spot on Monday after he was nabbed doing 93km/h through Hari Hari township.

As a result, he forfeited his rental vehicle and was continuing his holiday using public transport.

Yesterday, a tourist driver was also escorted by police back to Greymouth and had their vehicle confiscated following an incident on the Coast Road near Barrytown. A marked police car witnessed sustained driving by the tourist across double yellow lines.

Hokitika police apprehended a driver yesterday after being handed video evidence of dangerous overtaking on the Awatuna straight on State highway 6. Acting sergeant Paul Watson said a local resident had filmed the dangerous manoeuvre on their dash cam.

Rather than take the keys off them, it’s probably better to record their antics and call the cops in. ? But as you can see, the incidence of tourists driving dangerously is sufficient for three serious cases in the last two days.

And yet there are people who continue to maintain it’s the roads that should be blamed for driving like maniacs.

I can think of nothing worse than losing your rental car during a driving holiday around the South Island. ?That will pretty much screw up your holiday.

Perhaps that’s the message foreign drivers need to get: ?stuff up, and you’re going to have to use the bus that comes only once a day, and doesn’t stop anywhere nice for you to have a look at the scenery or take photos.


– NZ Herald