Politicians and main stream media are losing their audience

Now this is a fascinating poll result out of the states. ?How much do people care about Climate Change, and the environment in general compared to 15 years ago?


Will you look at that. ?Apart from global warming/climate change, every other environmental issue is of less concern now than it was 15 years ago. ? This is counter intuitive if we are to believe what we’re being told every day: ?that our planet is in trouble.

We can’t possibly be less concerned about drinking water pollution. ?I mean, drinking water!

What this represents is that the public are punch drunk. ?The media have acted like Chicken Little, or the boy that cried wolf if you like, for too long and too often.

People have become numb to the whole idea.

It’s also been presented as something that is completely overwhelming. ?We all instinctively know that by putting food scraps into the garden instead of a garbage bag isn’t going to save a rain forest. ?We all instinctively know that what we do matters little. ? The problems are too large for us to comprehend.

Add to this that the usual advocated for the climate and environment have turned to eco-terrorism and aggressive activism. ?These methods appeal to their followers, but they turn off the larger public that they actually rely on to get any progress whatsoever.

Take our friendly “500 year old Kauri tree” as an example. ?Ok, it’s still there. ?Fine. ?Did we save the world?

And the really stupid thing is that none of us wants to poison our drinking water. ?None of us want to level our national parks and strip mine them. ? But we are all treated as if we do. ?The guilt trip and the sense of urgency that is placed on us has been unrelenting.

But as you can see from the survey, although we still care, we’ve kind of given up.

As you put your recycling out at the kerb, it’s nice to know some glass doesn’t end up in a landfill. ?These are good things. ? But that’s about the extent of our involvement in trying to save a world that, as the survey shows, fewer of us actually think is in genuine trouble.


– Truth Revolt