Prominent New Zealander loses name suppression; appeals

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A prominent New Zealander charged with indecent assault has lodged an appeal after losing his bid for name suppression.

The man lost suppression on February 19 but had his identity protected for one month to allow him the chance to appeal. That appeal was lodged today.

The man denies 12 charges of indecent assault against two people including two representative charges.

Heavy suppression orders mean the man cannot be identified, nor can his alleged victims or their ages.

He has elected trial by jury.

There ware two cases where the person is identified as “a prominent New Zealander”. ?One is the case that involves someone who had a lunch meeting with David Cunliffe where he accepted a bottle of wine and had a photo taken with this man who posted it to his Facebook page.

This case is not?that prominent New Zealander. ?He still has name suppression in the face of his victim campaigning heavily to have it removed.

Whaleoil readers who are careful observers will understand who this particular Prominent New Zealander is.

The courts have been asked to hear the appeal as a matter of urgency.


– NZ Herald