Radio New Zealand gives Kim Dotcom a platform to call for John Key resignation

Affectionately known as “Red Radio”, Radio New Zealand is unsympathetic towards the current government, the National Party and John Key specifically. ? They’ve joined in on the latest GCSB media beat-up (David “Tainted” Fisher must be stroking his cat in his volcano lair).

Last week journalist?Green Party linked political activist Nicky Hager, citing information from US whistleblower?traitor and fugitive?Edward Snowden, claimed the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) was collecting mass amounts of data on Pacific countries and passing it to the NSA in the United States.

The former head of the GCSB Sir Bruce Ferguson confirmed the mass collection of communications, but told Radio New Zealand items relating to New Zealanders are discarded.

The Green Party [no way! ?what a coincidence!]?has laid a complaint with the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security saying the bureau may have [may have!]?broken the law by spying on New Zealanders.

Mr Key told Morning Report he was not prepared to confirm or deny Sir Bruce Ferguson’s claims.

But he said the law was very clear on the GCSB.

“They have the capacity to collection information against the New Zealander but only under very, very limited conditions, and the question is are those conditions met.

“The legal advice I’ve had from the GCSB and the assurances I’ve had is those conditions are met.”

Internet businessman?Kim Dotcom told the programme the prime minister should resign over the latest spying revelations.

He said the Government should be serving the people not spying on them and Mr Key should make good his previous promise to resign if mass surveillance was shown to be taking place.

The United States is attempting to extradite Mr Dotcom to face copyright and money-laundering charges over his Megaupload website.

Yeah, let’s call a convicted fraudster currently on bail and charged with copyright and money laundering for expert commentary on the prime minister.

Remember – you’re paying for that to be produced.

This is the photo Radio New Zealand?ran of “Mr Key”


And this one of “Internet Entrepreneur” Kim Dotcom and his god-like expert Snowden and very good friend Mr Greenwald who never corrects anyone when incorrectly attributed as a Pulitzer winner.



Should we not expect a neutral news service when it is paid for with tax dollars? ? Why aren’t we getting one?