Rural News, taking the high road, and one person ruining it for all

You may recall the piece about “The Hound” in the Rural News doing an ad hominem attack on me. ?They disagree, so I’m scum. ?I work with people they don’t like, so I’m scum. ?My readers are inbreds, so I’m scum.

It is done that way because smearing works. ? And it’s typical behaviour from?the domain of people who are losing – they don’t want to argue the point, they want to shut you down.

Some of you took to your keyboards to tell them what you thought of them.

> From: a concerned person <[email protected]>
> Subject: Morons
> Date: 3 March 2015 9:02:16 pm NZDT
> To: <[email protected]>
> Reply-To: a concerned person <[email protected]>
> Sender details:
> ________________________________________
> Name: a concerned person
> E-mail: [email protected]
> IP address: 122.57.[redacted]
> Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/40.0.2214.115 Safari/537.36

> ________________________________________
> You should close your paper before you start kiddy fiddling as well. Idiots.

The Rural News have used this to justify their view that they are right about me and about you. ?Of course, they take a handful of emails from a readership in excess of 100,000 and tar?the lot of you with the same brush.

As an aside, I checked the IP number in that email, and it doesn’t match any of our commenters’. ?Had it, I would have dealt out some public shaming.

So I’m not even sure that’s one of our people in the first place.

But in case it was – “thanks” for your help. ? Please don’t help next time. ?You don’t ‘get it’.

And in case it was someone who doesn’t support us doing a little sabotage, Rural News believe you’re one of ours, so well done.