Seems Northland voters aren’t as dumb as Winston thinks they are

Winston Peters is a political charlatan, he will say and do whatever it takes to score a political point, even if he wrong.

He said he never received donations from Owen Glenn…he lied. He said Huka Lodge was sold to dirty foreigners…its isn’t.

And those are but two examples.

He has been campaigning in Northland and promoting spending on ports that are no longer active, and for infrastructure no one wants. He is taking Northland voters for chumps

Problem is…they aren’t.

Far North voters have voted more than two to one against the introduction of Maori wards.

Mayor John Carter called the poll over the opposition of iwi, who expected today’s result. ?

Just over 35 percent of electors voted, with 9315 votes against the introduction of Maori wards and just 4309 for the proposition.

The result means the issue can’t be brought up for another two elections.

It still leaves the council struggling with the challenge of ensuring effective Maori representation.

It promised that if the referendum was lost it would seek feedback from Maori about non-electoral engagement options, such as appointed advisory boards or representation on council standing committees.

The Far North District Council has just one councillor of Maori descent, Willow Jean Prime, who is also standing as Labour’s candidate in the Northland by-election.

Why on earth does a council have to have a challenge of ensuring effective Maori representation…the treaty wasn’t signed by councils…it was signed by the government…councils didn’t even exist.

Anyway this just goes to show that the voters of Northland aren’t stupid.


– Waatea News