Senior UN official meddles in local issues

A senior UN official has been caught meddling in domestic New Zealand issues.

She is as usual unrepentant and feels that she can ignore the usual protocols of UN officials refraining from entering local political debates on issues…especially on an issue that is actually a private property rights issue.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark has weighed in on the battle to stop a 500-year-old kauri from being chopped down in Auckland.

Ms Clark – now the Administrator for the United Nations Development Programme – posted her views on a photo of supporters at a protest in Paturoa Rd, Titirangi, where the centuries’ old kauri is due to be brought down.

“Extraordinary in this day and age that a permit would be given to fell a 500 year old kauri tree,” she wrote.

The comment was made on a photo posted on Facebook by Waitakere Ranges Local Board member Greg Presland. He is pictured with fellow member Saffron Toms and board chairwoman Sandra Coney.

Oh look, there is Labour’s little donations launderer and flea lawyer Greg Presland aka Mickey Savage from The Standard.

Meanwhile one of the stupid hippies is trespassing on private land to protect something that these hippies won’t pay for themselves.

The developers have proper consent and these dirty, filthy, hippies are trespassing and depriving owners of their private property rights.

Worse still a meddling UN official is jumping in and throwing her opinion about.

Perhaps she should concentrate on finding out why resources paid for by her own UNDP were used to protect terrorists as they fired at civilians from UNDP facilities in Gaza. Her organisation has allowed war crimes against civilians to be conducted from premises and using resources under the control of the UNDP. She as its head should condemn that loudly rather than worry about whether or not a properly consented tree removal should or should not happen.


– NZ Herald