Sikhs not welcome at World Cup Cricket

A group of Sikh cricket fans are angry that they were denied entry to the India versus Zimbabwe cricket game in Auckland on Saturday.

They say seven of their group were denied admittance because they were carrying ceremonial daggers known as kirpans.

ICC officials told them it was an offensive weapon.

Mr Singh said he was a cricket fanatic and he bought a ticket for many world cup games in advance and it was a disappointment not to be able to see Saturday’s game.

He said it had not been a problem at other Cricket World Cup games.

The Kirpan is a seven centimetre ceremonial dagger carried inside a sheath and hidden under clothing.

Mr Singh said it was blunt and was not dangerous.

There were now concerns about the eligibility of Sikhs to attend the next big World Cup games in Auckland and Wellington.

Oh deary deary me. ?Did nobody foresee that there would be Sikhs attending the game and all security personnel would be briefed to allow them access by not classifying it as a knife?

You can garrotte someone with a rosary too you know.

When is the last time you can recall one of the following: ?1) A Sikh using his ceremonial dagger to injure or kill someone at the cricket game? ?2) ?A Sick using his ceremonial dagger to injure or kill someone in New Zealand… at all?