Sledge of the Day

Sir Brian Lochore is not one to mince words…and he doesn’t when getting stuck into proposals for a Wellington Super City.

All Blacks great Sir Brian Lochore has condemned what he calls a “bullying” plan for a region-wide Wellington super-city.

Wairarapa was being forced into the giant council, the 74-year-old farmer told the Local Government Commission at a hearing in Carterton last night.AB

“I certainly object to be subjected to a communistic situation where other people will control what I want in my own area,” he said.

Lochore, Wairarapa’s greatest All Black, who captained the side 18 times and coached the World Cup-winning team of 1987, was speaking at one of a series of 17 public hearings into the commission’s super-city proposal.

“There is a totally different culture on this side of the Rimutakas,” he said. ??

“Apart from the physical barrier, there is a stronger mental one. Do you really think they would care about us over the hill?”

Instead, he proposed the amalgamation of Wairarapa’s current three district councils.

Those councils have also rejected the super-city, proposing instead the creation of an independent Wairarapa unitary authority, assuming their current functions plus those of the current Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Awesome, and he is dead right too.

Lochore, who farms near Masterton, was not involved in any anti-super-city group, nor was he interested in getting involved in local government.

“I’ve lived here all my life, I believe it’s a very important area, and I think we should work together to keep it as pristine as we can.”

Working with Wellingtonians on the Hillary Commission for Sport showed him Wairarapa projects should be run by locals.

“They used to come over the hill, they’d arrive at 10 and leave at 3. They didn’t understand the culture, they didn’t do a bloody thing – absolutely useless.”



– Dominion Post