Sneaky Len Brown under pressure to ‘fess up’

len brown code of conduct

Auckland Mayor Len Brown is under pressure after it was revealed more than $250,000 has been spent on secret polling, and he won’t say what it’s for.

Councillor Cameron Brewer speculates it’s on his popularity ratings, but believes the focus should be on bigger issues.

“Even if it is supposedly legitimate polling, is it really a priority? I would argue spending a quarter of a million dollars on polling when the organisation is spending millions and millions on its own polling is completely over the top.”

Mr Brown claims participant privacy is stopping him from releasing the results.

If he’s really polling on his personal popularity and/or the likelihood of him having a chance if he stands for the mayoralty again, surely that’s a gross misuse of rate payers’ money?

Participant privacy is completely irrelevant to what the poll was about. ?A list of questions asked and accumulated results would not affect the privacy of any respondent.

‘Fess up Len. ? You appear to have misused $250,000 of rate payers’ money for your personal election campaign.


– Radio Live