So the polls were right. And so was Pinko Farrar


The results from Northland will be pleasing for the polling community, who were remarkably accurate.

This was despite people saying that a by-election poll was hard to do and the by-election was harder to pick than a broken nose.

Winston Peters 53.95%
Mark Osborne 39.86% ?

A special mention needs to be made of Arts, Lifestyle and Travel blogger David Farrar, who interrupted his hectic travel and exercise schedule to do National?s polls.

Sources in the Northland electorate say as usual our pinko mate was spot on with the polls and the half witted Wellington based campaign team that doubted him owe him a big apology.

Farrar might be a bit wet and a bit fond of the arts and been kicked out of the VRWC but he is a bloody good poller.

Anyone that doubts his polls is an idiot, which suggests that some very senior National people may need to have a good long hard look in the mirror.