So you want me to be a sycophant?

A reader emails:

Hi Cam/Whale Oil

I am a 58 year old male, after a life time of reading the Herald and becoming completely disillusioned with Its lefty slant I discovered Whale Oil. I loved the way it exposed the bullshit in the MSM, I loved it because of its right wing attitude and I loved it because of the political knowledge it contained about NZ which I was ignorant of. But lately its pissing me off big time, I am sick of the constant criticism of JK and other national MPs who are out of favour. It?s all very good to sound balanced post-election like Mr Hosking?s and other light weights but that?s not what I am here for. I, like many others came here for a reason, we came out of nowhere and if you keep pissing us off we will disappear as quickly as we appeared, as you keep informing us there is a myriad of sites in the world where we can find comfort. Please stick to your core values that we visit for.

I get these from time to time.

Since he raised my core values I think for some of the new readers it is time for another who is and what drives Cam explanation.

I will be a sycophant to no one and no party. I really don’t think readers come here for a National party fan club, if you do then might I suggest that you adjust your thinking because you are going to be disappointed.

One day National will lose, one day John Key won’t be Prime Minister. I said this on the balcony of a TV studio in Tel Aviv last year. Prime Ministers come and Prime Ministers go. I have personally met Muldoon, Bolger, Shipley and Key…all but one of them are consigned to history and one day so will John Key. ??

Do I like John Key? Well, that depends…personally? I hardly know him so it is hard to judge, he hasn’t gone out of his way to establish a friendship and I wouldn’t describe him as a friend. He is certainly a likeable fellow, and this is evidenced by his popularity despite a few character flaws…but no one is perfect. The last perfect guy got nailed to a cross and that doesn’t sound like a whole heap of fun.

Is John Key the best person to lead New Zealand right now? Well, again that depends…he is certainly better than anyone from Labour right now, and I think a National led government is better for New Zealand than the current mob on the other. He is certainly better than many others in National especially the biggest loser in NZ politics, Bill English.

I want a National led government, that doesn’t mean I like everything they do or everyone in the party.

I have plenty of reasons to despise National, the actions of the President to try to cancel my membership, the actions of the board to support his actions, the treatment by National of my father, where they tried to use the same tactics on him, plus many other things. I am no longer a member and I have resolved to never be a member of a political party again. the problems I have with National aren’t National problems they are personality problems…and like Prime Ministers eventually those personalities will disappear…I will out-last them all.

One aspect of National I particularly dislike is Steve Joyce’s corporate welfare programme. I will always protest against bludgers whether they wear a suit or a hoodie.

Do I want to tip National over? Not really, but they seriously need a clean out of some long past it idiots. If I can be an agent for change then so be it. I sure as hell don’t want the current Labour lot in charge, they are even worse when it comes to long in the tooth dead set useless politicians.

I think that gives you some background now to my current thinking.

I won’t pull my punches. If someone in my team, even if I have a team these days, needs a slap then they get it, just as good and just as hard as anyone else.

Will I lose my audience if I don’t give National the reach around daily? Nope, not likely. I believe readers come here for my calls, often earlier than most, certainly not days after the event when everyone can see the direction things are travelling. Sometimes I get it wrong, most times I don’t. But one thing I will not be is a sycophant.

People said my promotion of marriage equality would cost me my audience…it didn’t. People said that having Pete the Nazi moderating would cost me my audience and comments, it didn’t (it and they grew), people say my promotion of euthanasia and for cannabis reform will cost me my audience, it isn’t.

I write this site for me, and you all come along for the ride. I don’t expect sycophancy from you either as readers, I expect you to call things how you see them.

I’ve been doing this for nearly ten years, and every year the audience has grown. I have grown too, as have those of you who have been here the longest. This site will change, it will adapt and it will continue to dominate the political landscape because that is what drives me.

My core values are those I derived from three strong willed and opinionated?women…my grand mother, my mother and my wife. You might call me a blouse for admitting this but it is true. My grandmother would often say quietly…”To thine own self be true”. This is a major problem for many politicians…they are so accustomed to pulling the wool over peoples eyes that they pull it over their own. Be honest to yourself and that will flow through. My mother gave me wisdom. I grew up watching her stick it to politicians while Dad was being the politician. I’ve seen her lecture Muldoon, many ministers and MPs. She was a very wise woman. And finally my wife who knocks me around and gives me a clip when I am being unreasonable…she is as opinionated and as forceful as me and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

There are no doormats in our household…there are plenty in real life and I intend to keep wiping my feet on them.

Lastly..if you don’t like what I write?then “change the channel”…I won’t be offended or hurt that you left…plenty more people out there. I’m not taking my audience for granted, not at all…I love you guys…but seriously…you want me to be a sycophant?

I don’t really believe that, but feel free to tell me otherwise…I might just listen to you…or not.