Some thoughts on Winston and Northland

As we have seen TV3 is touting a poll that shows Winston Peters is supposedly ahead in the race for Northland.

Do I believe this?

Sure…Winston should be ahead, I’m surprised he isn’t ahead more.

TV3 commissioned this poll literally just hours after Mark Osborne had been selected for National. He is an unknown to the wider electorate.

Winston, the dear old trougher has been around politics for more than 40 years. He is as well-known to everyone as lines on their palms of their hands.

He should have come first in that poll.

But are Northlanders really as stupid as TV3 has led us to believe?

A man over 70 years of age, who couldn’t walk 100m briskly let along run it without risk of a coronary or stroke is the “Force for the North”…more like a spent force, or a farce.

He bangs on about his beloved Northland but spent a lifetime running in seats in Auckland and the Bay of Plenty. He got spanked by Lockwood Smith in his only real selection in a general seat and ran off to play in Hunua, which proved a temporary assignment. Remember when he was happy to be the member for Tauranga, until a young whipper snapper with a croaky voice kept?him out. Now he lives in Auckland and yet professes his love for Northland.

A love so fickle that NZ First hasn’t stood a candidate in Northland for three consecutive elections…this is the “force for the North”?

The media love promoting Winston, and they never hold him to account. When did you see anyone in the media hold the old trougher to account for any of what I have outlined above? ??

So will Winston win? Personally I don’t think so. He risks much.

He actually has to win now that he has set expectations, to lose will show that he is a spent force. Anything else is a loss for him.

But will Northlanders really actually vote for a septuagenarian, hard-drinking, chain-smoking old wind bag who has achieved very little after 40 years in politics other than great name and facial recognition?

I just don’t think so. They need an MP who will last longer than 3 years.

Frankly Winston is past it.

Which now leads me onto Andrew Little and his stupidity over Northland.

Right now Labour risks coming a distant third. How’s that for the first vote test of Andrew Little’s leadership?

However Labour stuffed themselves by banging on for years about electoral rorts in Ohariu and Epsom. If they make an accommodation with Winston then they run the serious risk of not just appearing to be hypocrites but actually being hypocrites.

Then there is Little’s claim that roads are the focus for the campaign…this from the same party that has insulted Northlanders for years by referring to State Highway One as the “Holiday Highway” and preferring to pander to inner city Auckland liberals by supporting a stupid rail loop over improvements to State Highway One north of Auckland.

If Winston risks much by standing and losing in Northland it is nothing compared to the corner Andrew Little has painted himself into, effectively turning the result of his candidate into a referendum on his leadership.

Can Winston win? Of course he can…then watch the political blackmail start…and it won’t be for the benefit of Northlanders.

I simply don’t think Northlanders are as stupid as the media make them out to be.