Splash Palace Pooper drops a two-fer


Frustrations are high at Invercargill’s Splash Palace complex after faeces were found in two of the pools last night.

It is the sixth Friday in a row the pools have been targeted and one city councillor believes a “mystery pooper” is at work.

Staff were forced to evacuate the leisure pool late yesterday, after a small floater was spotted in the water.

Just a few hours later, another piece of poo was found in the learners’ pool.

“We refer to it as a ‘code brown’,” Invercargill aquatic services manager Pete Thompson.

“Normally there’s a scream or a cry for help from the water. So we ? as gently as possible ? try to get everybody out of the pool.”

There have now been 12 incidents over the past six Friday nights.

No sooner have Invercargill dealt with the crazy cat lady, and now they have a fecal terrorist on their hands. ?

The worst saw the entire facility closed, after brown bombs were found in all three pools over a three-hour period.

Every time it happens staff have to remove the object from the pool, before spot dosing with chemicals, and letting the water cycle through the filters.

That loss of pool time is causing a stink with water polo players and swim clubs.

The facility does have CCTV cameras monitoring the pools, but the images are not high enough resolution to pinpoint the pooper ? or poopers.

“I think that everybody would like to think that it’s malicious, given the length of time that it’s gone on,” Mr Thompson says. “But we shouldn’t discount that it may simply be a terrified child.”

I would have thought high resolution cameras would be the next step.

Apart from the fact it is a great source of mirth for the rest of us, I can imagine the good people of Invercargill can do without the reputation for leaving brown steam boats in the public pool.


– 3 News