St Bede parents coming off their ledge

They have finally figured out which way the wind is blowing

The two St Bede’s college rowers, Jordan Kennedy, 17, and Jack Bell, 16, made headlines earlier this week after they were removed from the school’s Maadi Cup rowing team for riding the Airport luggage carousel into a restricted area.

Shortly after, their fathers launched a high court injunction against St Bede’s to reinstate the boys in the team, arguing that the disciplinary action was unfair. They won the case and were allowed to compete in the event. ? ?

The boys’ fathers, Anthony Bell and Shane Kennedy, were meant to file a formal statement of claim by 5pm yesterday, or the injunction would be nullified and the school could resume their disciplinary action.

Mr Kennedy told the media outlet both sides were willing to settle the disagreement outside of the courtroom.

“All I will say is I would like it to be settled out of court and the indication we have had from the school is that that’s where they would like to see it as well.”

The only way out of this is for the parents to profusely apologise to the school and the board, pay for any costs incurred and withdraw. ?In return the school will issue a short shared public statement that both parties have reached an agreement and no further statements will be made.

And to show the world they can’t be trifled with,?perhaps?Anthony Bell and Shane Kennedy can take their wives to court for serving them sausages instead of Wagyu beef steak.


– 3 News