State School Cost vs Charter School Cost

The PPTA/NZEI/Labour and their apologists?continue to try and promote the myth that Charter Schools are over funded.

While some good results are coming here and brilliant results for urban Charters in the USA?it is worth thinking of comparative costs.

A Charter school in NZ costs approximately $1 million to set up.

As a recent State example Ormiston Senior College cost $50 million and currently are spreading that over only 400 students while getting nearly $8,400 per student per annum too.

Ormiston Senior College is a decile 10, Co-Educational Secondary school, located in Auckland. The school has 396 Year 11-15 students including 8international students. The school receives $3,313,403.55 in direct government funding, which translates to a budget of $8,367.18 per student.

These results are also of the kind that people would be screaming about if someone like Vanguard produced them.

So we have a school that cost $50 million to build, plus ongoing costs of $3.3 million or more than $8,300 per student and we have the teacher unions, Labour and Greens moaning like hookers who haven’t been paid that Charter Schools are getting too much funding despite evidence tot he contrary.

For $50 million we could get 50 new charter schools…instead of one state school…chance would be a fine thing.

I think it is time we stopped listening to the vested interests of the teacher unions.