Steve Joyce rushed out to buy a lottery ticket

Joyce had promised Team New Zealand tax payers’ money. ?Guaranteed. ?No matter that Bill English doesn’t have it, and no matter than John Key got cold feet after?polling the electorate and he found a huge cold shoulder.

Team New Zealand’s future in the America’s Cup is in serious doubt after the Government confirmed the loss of the qualifying round in Auckland would mean zero funding.

Cup organisers told media this afternoon that Auckland would not be hosting a qualifying round after Team New Zealand opposed a move to smaller boat sizes yesterday.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce told the Herald that without a presence in Auckland, there would be no money.

“We are interested in being involved as a sponsor as a much lower basis than last time, and on the basis there is a qualifying series in Auckland,” Mr Joyce said. “If that was to change then we could not be involved.”

Oh my was he quick to jump onto that bandwagon. ?The circumstances have given him an out. ?We all get to win this way. ?Well, except Grant Dalton who has been going around the sponsors?guaranteeing the New Zealand government money was going to be paid out.

In a statement, Grant Dalton said a decision was yet to be made. The choice was down to smaller boats or larger boats, and it was supporting the larger option which would see Auckland remain in the mix.

In a video uploaded to team’s Facebook page tonight, Dalton said Team New Zealand would oppose the proposal to move to smaller boats from race organisers.

Oddly enough, smaller boats would be cheaper. ?But it would also mean no Auckland.

The lesson here is to not go around and promise sponsors certain outcomes?based on a verbal agreement you have with a cabinet minister who does not have the authority to deliver.

Steve Joyce will be relieved that he can stop moping around John and Bill saying that he’s promised something they won’t permit. ? That’s one problem gone. ?Let’s see how he goes with the corporate welfare he’s promised SkyCity.


– Kirsty Johnson, NZ Herald