Stuart Nash wins the Money Primary

money in your back pocket

The NZ Herald says that Napier MP Stuart Nash was the best fundraiser in NZ after Hone Harawira, and Nash didn’t drop his pants and bend over to a single donor like Harawira did.

New Labour MP Stuart Nash was bankrolled to the tune of $4000 a month by political backers for more than a year leading up to last year’s general election.

Mr Nash’s $99,000 in candidate donations meant his warchest ranked only behind Hone Harawira’s $105,000 courtesy of the Kim Dotcom and his Internet Party as being the country’s best-funded candidate.

Nash out raised his fellow Labour candidates by more than three times, which is just embarrassing for the rest of the Labour Caucus.

Analysis by the?Herald‘s Money in Politics crowdsourcing project shows Mr Nash’s fundraising prowess delivered him more than three times that raised by the next highest-earning Labour Party candidate.

You need money to win elections, although it is not the only factor as Colin Craig and Kim Dotcom proved. For Nash, who wasn?t even an MP, to raise more than three times the next Labour MP is a disgrace, and senior MPs like Goff, Cunliffe, King and Mallard need to look hard into the mirror and ask if they really have the ability to be a politician if they can?t raise funds.

Nash is far more of a threat to National than almost all of the Labour caucus because he can raise money, talk to middle NZ and win the middle ground to win votes Labour needs to win to become government again.


– NZ Herald