Su?a William Sio is a true Labour party MP: a story for every occasion

Here he is, in parliament, raging against charter schools

Talk to Associate Professor Damon Salesa of the University of Auckland, who spent 10 years in the United States and whose children attended some of the local charter schools there. He will tell you that, as far as he is concerned, charter schools are not successful, particularly in reference to minority groups, particularly in reference to low-income groups. They are not successful in the United States. How can we then expect that they are going to be successful here in New Zealand?

And yet, here he is again, at the opening of a South Auckland charter school on Wednesday ?


Labour MPs, and indeed their leaders, are so busy preaching to the choir, with a different sermon for each occasion, that they still haven’t figured out that we have this thing that happened over the last few decades where we have access to everything they do and everything they say and we can compare.

So you can not go to parliament and tell them that charter schools for minorities do not work, and then a little later go to your local minority charter school opening and support the opening and wish them well.

What is it Sio? ?Failure? ?Why were you there basking in all the public adulation and reflected glory?