Sunday avo mailbox

As you can imagine, the poison, spite and vitriol hitting my inbox for the last 24 hours has been epic. ?I don’t intend to give any of these people a platform – and you can imagine what it says. ?Death, brain injury, yada yada yada ?yawn

So I’ll just share a couple of nicer ones

From: Ed xxxxx?<[email protected]>
Date: Mar 29, 2015 12:32 PM
Subject: Super 8 Boxing
To: whaleoilbeefhooked

Hey Cam

Didn?t see your knock out but good on you for losing weight and having a go

Keep your weight off, it?ll be a lot easier to get fitter in future

Actually wouldn?t have minded seeing Ryder sat on his rrrrrrrrrrs

Could be worse, they could have paid David Bain out!

The Super 8 people are keen to see me in the ring again. ?Perhaps they should try and get David Bain in there with me? ?

From: Gavin xxxxx?<[email protected]>
Date: Mar 29, 2015 12:42 PM
Subject: Boxing Victory
To: Cameron Slater

Hi Cam

A big congratulations for your achievements last night.
Highlights for me are as follows:-

1. You had the courage to step into the ring against a professional sportsman who would be at least 10 years(?) younger than you.
2. Shedding 17kgs. This alone is life changing.
3. Raising over $5.5k for charity.
4. Lasting long enough to earn the tab from Soper and Williams
4. Making headlines in all the major news outlets.
5. Having live feed on Whaleoil from the fight.

Recover well.


Thanks Gavin. ?I’m pretty good actually. ?Woke up after a nice sleep with a bit of an achy head, but with breakfast and lots of water I’m just about back to normal. ?I’ve been blogging, and as I write this about to get on the plane to go see the Pod at home.

Thank you, and everyone, for your support.

And as I expected, Christchurch is full of lovely people. ?At least those that don’t insure their houses and then expect the rest of us to pay for earthquake damage, you know – the scum, never bothered to come meet me and tell me to my face that they have a differing point of view.

Fancy that. ? (I feel a trip to Greymouth coming on next 😉