Taxpayers? Union do what Labour can’t


The Taxpayers? Union have landed a beauty, with this morning?s Herald covering their exposure of a IT screw up that?s set to cost taxpayers four times Novopay.

How the hell Labour didn?t pick up on this first I?ve got no idea.

The TU press statement says:

“The latest tax bill introduced to Parliament last week proposes that a number of child support measures enacted in 2013 be repealed because of this cost blowout.? The original cost estimate to implement the 2013 reform was $30 million. That?s now $210 million. The cost of the U-turn is forecast to cost at least $163 million.?

?$163 million is an?extraordinary cost, more than $100?for every New Zealand household. Not a single dollar of that amount goes?to vulnerable kids or struggling families.”

“The officials?say that the majority of the higher cost is the depreciation and capital charge associated with the capital expenditure. That?s?bureaucratic?code for an IT cost blow out.?

What the hell?

$163 million is enough to build how many schools?

Sheesh, even a casino is better use that blowing the money on IT consultants and software changes.

Did anyone sit down and think that the money might be better spent on the kids which the child support system is supposed to help?

Todd McClay has some serious questions to answer.

Luckily the opposition is so useless these things are left to some pressure group and it volunteers to uncover.

The minister will be hoping he can blame the previous minister.