Teacher union unhappy? That means something good is being done

Members of the secondary school teachers’ union have endorsed its plan to boycott nominations for the new teacher registration body, the Education Council.

The Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) said 22 percent of its members voted on the issue, and 95 percent agreed they would not accept a nomination or appointment to the council.

The association is unhappy teachers are losing their right to elect some of the members when the council replaces the current Teachers Council.

Instead, all members will be appointed by the Education Minister from a pool of nominees.

The PPTA say they won’t support a representative body because it does not have guaranteed PPTA representation.

Instead of putting up their own candidates, they have decided to not put up any candidates.

This is the union equivalent of holding your breath until you turn blue, expecting someone to give in. ?Of course, it never works, because eventually they need to breathe.

Having the PPTA on the outside is no problem. ?I wonder how they are going to manage it when they suddenly decide that after being out in the cold as a pointless exercise, they will start joining in the democratic process and try to represent their membership?

It’s petulant and destructive.

It’s a union.