Thank you for being our friend [UPDATED]

Another month, another ‘thank you’ post. ? Especially those of you who chipped in when the Slater family were living on ramen noodles and tomato sauce sandwiches…* ?many thanks.

Let’s tear straight into the numbers.


Google Analytics for Whaleoil Feb 2015


February is always the last month of slow results. ?We’re all enjoying the last of the warm weather, and the end-of-day daylight before the clocks go back again. ? Various days off with anniversary days and Waitiangi day. ?Add that to a short month, and we never get to see the number we expect to see. ? ?Yet when you compare this February with last year…


Google Analytics for Whaleoil Feb 2014

That being said, I’m looking forward to the politicians getting busy, the by election in Northland, and the weather getting colder and darker so we have your attention again!


Whaleoil traffic breakdown by Top 10 countries – Feb 2015

I have to say I’m a tad disappointed about the India traffic figures. ?Even though we’ve been running regular Cricket World Cup articles, it has had very little impact. ?I checked for the same period last year, and India were in 8th place!



Access to Whaleoil by desktop/mobile – Feb 2015

The slide into mobile platforms has changed by about 6%, with desktops representing 66% of access in Feb 2014.

Normally I’d add the Open Parachute bog rankings here, but as of 9 this morning, it’s still not up. ?Hope the guy that does it is ok… ?I’ll flick in an update if it does appear later this week.


Nice to see The Daily Blog continue its slide into obscurity, just like Martin Martyn’s political consultancy business. ? Both parties he consulted for, The Internet Party and the Mana Party, are in an induced coma while their owners hope they can be successfully revived for the 2017 election.



That just leaves me to thank all our hard working volunteers, our dedicated high quality commenters, and the “invisible” Whaleoil Ground Crew that keeps the engine well maintained and fueled behind the scenes with tips, background, research, guest posts, donations and many other ways of practical support. ?You know who you are – thank you so ?much.

– Cam, SB, Rog, SonovaMin, Alex, EWWBL, James, Korau, Lux, Nige and me, Pete


* artistic license may have been used