The Bully Brigade, Ctd – Latest round of bullying exposed


Over the past few months a series of posts have exposed?significant issues of bullying within the New Zealand Fire Service. And the?problems go right to the top of the Fire Service.

Now while the bosses think that there?s nothing to worry about, they?re in for a rude shock as information continues to flow into the tip-line.

It?now?appears that Brad ?the Munter? Mosby and his sidekick Tim ?the Tool? Evans have actively been working towards disbanding the Kaiapoi Volunteer Fire Brigade, a brigade which has operated for over 146 years. Kaiapoi is one of the oldest Brigades in New Zealand.

Emails uncovered suggest that?Tim?”The Tool” Evans has been very active in assisting?Brad?”the Munter” Mosby in removing the Chief Fire Officer, a volunteer with 24 years service.?More recently?Evans was caught out making fictitious allegations against the incumbent Deputy Chief Fire Officer, a volunteer of 33 years service, which were later proven false.

Whaleoil understands the Senior Station Officer had made allegations of bullying and harassment against Brad??the Munter” Mosby which the Fire Service refused to investigate.?If that wasn?t bad enough, immediately after these were made?Tim ?the Tool”?Evans allegedly made false allegations about the Senior Station Officer to several members of the brigade, which forced the volunteer to go on medical leave.

Ironically immediately after?this person?went on leave,?Tim ?the Tool”?Evans was promoted by?Brad??the Munter”?Mosby to this job.??That?s loyalty for you.

Further to these?revelations,?Whaleoil has learnt?that this volunteer, a prominent businessman, has now instructed Queens Council Julian Miles to act for him and is preparing to?start?legal proceedings in the high court against the New Zealand Fire Service and the various individuals involved.

Information obtained from sources inside?the?New Zealand Fire Service National Headquarters in Wellington, suggest that due to the significant changes in the demographics post-earthquake in the Christchurch North area, having a full-time paid station in Kaiapoi is?now?viable and something that the Fire Service are actively seeking to implement.

There?s a slight problem with this though.

The bosses in Wellington can?t simply wipe the Kaiapoi Brigade off the map without facing a major PR backlash from not only the volunteer members but the local community, who strongly support the volunteers.

So, the strategy is to start casting about whispers that the Kaiapoi Brigade is dysfunctional, its membership is at an all time low, and they are struggling to get both fire trucks out to calls.

The real reason for this is simply they are trying to cover-up the bullying and intimidation allegations that, so far, the Minister responsible Peter Dunne and Chair of the NZ Fire Service Commission Wyatt Creech, have failed to investigate.

According to correspondence obtained ?by Whaleoil between Alan Merry, Manager Strategic Redevelopment at New Zealand Fire Service and a source from inside the New Zealand Fire Service Headquarters in Wellington, Merry stated that ?From a Fire Service perspective having a volunteer station and paid in same area is simply not viable and too problematic? he went onto state that ?the Kaiapoi volunteers would be reduced to operational support if not shut down altogether? and also stated that ?the Fire Service would use brigade dysfunction as an argument to support this move?.

Email?s uncovered between local property developers, the Fire Service and the Waimakarari District Council show that the Fire Service has been actively seeking a site to build a new fire station which would also include living quarters for a paid station for quite some time.

At the moment the Fire Service Management is telling those Kaiapoi Volunteer firefighters a completely different story about there future of Kaiapoi.

Over the?coming?weeks Whaleoil will release further information about this, including supporting email correspondence and a substantive amount of other information which has been bought to our attention.

This includes allegations of financial mismanagement within the New Zealand Fire Service National Headquarters, various allegations of sexual harassment made against the current Chief Executive Paul Baxter, Brad ?The Munter? Mosby and others, along with Senior Fire Service Managers who have been convicted of serious criminal offenses who still retain their jobs today under Paul Baxter.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If the Minister won’t investigate the Senior Fire Service Management then we will.