The delusions of the left

Greg Presland writes at The Standard:

?I wondered about this because I have spent time in Western Samoa and Rarotonga since 2009 and I used local telecommunications to keep up with work and politics in Aotearoa. ?The thought that this information has been sent to the Americans is somewhat scary.

What planet are these morons on?

He is scared that his innocuous communications as the trustee of David Cunliffe secret donation laundering fund might have been sent to the Americans? Or ringing his flea law office to see if another divorce case has walked in the door?

The man, if you can call him that is deluded.

No one, let alone the Americans are interested in his communciations.

Hells teeth, everyone knows I supported Frank Bainimarama and that I went to Fiji three times in two years to meet and understand the political situation in the land of my birth.

Did I communicate with people on the phone or internet about it? ?Of course I did.

Am I worried the GCSB might have listened in and passed my brilliant political analysis of the situation in Fiji onto the Americans or shock horror to John Key? No I am not. I doubt anyone cares. ?

Speaking with my contacts in Fiji they are laughing at the media in New Zealand. They’ve told me that if Kiwis are listening in then they might just have realised a lot sooner that the Fijian government doesn’t give a flying fig about what New Zealand thinks or does about Fiji. They ignored the sanctions, ignored the media and got on with straightening out their country without interference from New Zealand or Australia. If they want secure discussions then they go to the local coffee shop in Suva or a hotel and have a chat over a coffee or drink.

Same goes for Samoa…they simply don’t care. It is a massive media beat up, and to be fair a NZ Herald beat up.

They know that we are friends and that we aren’t spying on them for evil intent, rather we are spying to protect them.

What Greg Presland and the other leftists of this country forget is that other countries are spying too. Russia, China and France are three of the biggest that spy.

France set up a spy base to listen in on NZ and Australia in 2004 in New Caledonia. It was designed specifically to hoover up NZ and Australian comms.

China is very active in the Pacific, and they sure as hell are actively spying. But Greg Presland is afraid of the Americans?

The left wing is needlessly scaring this up thinking it is hurting John Key.

Let me tell you…it isn’t. At the gym yesterday…training with people who really should be core labour voters they were without exception saying “so what” about Hager’s so-called revelations.

The left-wing are deluded, and as such are unfit for government.

The most telling thing though is that people like David Cunliffe, who reportedly has a brain as big as a planet, use this muppet to launder their donations. says much about their own thought processes doesn’t it?


– The Standard