The difference between integrity and expediency

The Queensland Premier?is going to expel the wife-beating MP, even though that will threaten her razor-thin majority.

A totally different approach to the “Allegations? What allegations? I can’t heeeeaarrr you lalalalala” Key strategy on Sabin.

I guess that’s the difference between integrity and expediency.

Labor will expel a Queensland MP for covering up his criminal record, threatening the state?s shaky minority government.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palasczcuk today declared MP for Cook Billy Gordon would be stripped of his ALP membership, and demanded he quit parliament.

If Mr Gordon remains in parliament as an Independent MP, the minority Labor government would rely on his vote to pass legislation.

If he quits, a by-election in the far north Queensland seat of Cook could topple the minority government, which now relies on support from three independent MPs.

Labor now holds 44 seats ? including Cook ? the Liberal National Party holds 42, Katter?s Australian Party holds two, and Mr Wellington holds one. ?

If Mr Gordon refuses to resign, Labor would have 43 seats and the LNP would have 42, and the government would rely on the votes of four crossbench MPs to pass legislation.

Mr Gordon yesterday issued a public apology over his ?serious contact with the criminal justice system?? as a young man.

He confirmed that in 2008 he had been served with an Apprehended Violence Order following a complaint from his mother.

Ms Palaszczuk today said the revelations made her sick, and said it was a ?good question?? how Mr Gordon had been preselected to represent Labor in the 2013 federal election and this year?s state election.

?It?s one of the toughest calls I?ve had to make,?? she told reporters in Townsville today.

?When it comes to integrity and accountability I will always stand up for my principles ? even if it means putting my premiership on the line.

?The government will continue to function.??

I suppose when you are protecting a senior office holder integrity goes out the window and expediency takes its place.

Mind you the party’s debacle in Northland might now allow Key to act.

Annastacia Palasczcuk?deserves to stay on for?cutting his throat the moment she could.


– The Australian