The IPCC was in this creeps hands, says much about their findings

The IPCC has been run by Dr Rajendra Pauchari, a railway engineer for more than 13 years…and while he was chairing important meetings he was also dirty sxting his victims.

This is a message allegedly sent?in mid-October, 2013, by the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, to a 29-year-old female staffer at his TERI think-tank: ?Here I am sitting and chairing an IPCC meeting and surreptitiously sending you messages. I hope that tells you of my feelings for you.?

The IPCC meeting was the 37th Plenary Session, at the Sheraton in the seaside resort of Batumi, Georgia. It was attended by 229 politicians and officials from 92 countries, plus the usual conservation and activist hangers-on and free-loaders. TERI stands for The Energy and Resources Institute, which has 1200 staff. ?Pachauri, 74, has been Teri?s Director General ?for 34 years, almost since its inception. He has also led the IPCC for 13 years.

The TERI staffer, 43 years his junior, was so much on Pachauri?s ?mind ?that he allegedly continued to pursue her until she filed a 33-page harassment case last February 13. He resigned abruptly from the IPCC on February 24.

The emissions-reduction campaign sponsored by the IPCC is currently a $US1 billion-a-day exercise. But obviously Pachauri wasn?t taking it all that seriously in the five-day Georgia talk-fest.

After the event, the IPCC put out a press release saying Pachauri ?opened the session on Monday morning noting the need to view climate change in the larger context, including its impacts on future generations and the planet, and emphasizing the IPCC?s role in mobilizing the world?s best scientific talent and bringing climate change to the public?s attention. He stressed that the IPCC?s work is more relevant, robust and reliable than ever to policy makers.?

Let?s hope he was fully focused on that stuff, and not on his text blitz to a reluctant ?Classical Indian Beauty?.

The IPCC conference went on to ratify two greenhouse gas inventory protocols, and start ?initial discussions on mapping the future of the IPCC?. In other words: Don?t laugh, the IPCC is all seriousness.

No wonder the IPCC findings are such dick…their head could only ever think about his own one.

Pauchari claims he never sent the hundreds of messages across various communications platforms and social media…it was all the work of a devious hacker.

Clearly, this? hacking of his email, phone, Whatsapp and social networking accounts must have been an elaborate and sustained activity since September, 2013, but undetected by Pachauri. It would be a world-record hack in variety and form. And yet the hackers could? think of no more damaging work than inventing love-notes to a junior female staffer. It might have been more damaging to have released his entire email output, a la Climategate.

Pachauri?s hacking allegation must also include the forgery of his handwriting since the staffer has turned in such a note to police. And even assuming the hacking and hand-writing forger succeeded, the staffer?s own testimony of Pachauri propositioning and touching her is outside the scope of any hacking.

The woman?s oral testimony to police took more than 90 minutes.

?On many occasions, Dr Pachauri forcibly grabbed my body, hugged me, held my hands, kissed me and touched my body in an inappropriate manner,? the woman?s statement says.

The woman started work with TERI on September 1 , 2013. Within a week Pachauri was texting her at 9.22pm and she was telling? him to back off.

He then wrote: ?I shall try to suppress my human feelings, and live with a sad restraint on my words and actions. ?

Man that hacker was eloquent…a real sweet talker:

The alleged texts include:

Sep ?17, 2013 ? Pachauri:? ?I never want to make you uncomfortable even if it requires curbing my own instincts. ?

Sep 17 ? complainant: ??I can?t and don?t wish to be just a pretty face in your office. That hurts and is a bit demoralizing. I?m much inexperienced and nowhere near where you are. I will never do anything out of line with my conscience or take advantages??

Oct 1 ? Pachauri: ?Just to prove to you how much I love you, I shall go on a fast after the cricket match tomorrow. I will break the fast only when you tell me that you believe I love you with sincerity and unfathamable depth.?

Oct 1 ? complainant:? ?I do believe you and you know it but I felt a little isolated. Please you are not to grab me and/or kiss me.?

10:21 pm? ? Pachauri: All right we have our respective perceptions which differ, and we can live with them and also let live. Perhaps some day you would know how sweet and sublime my feelings for you are! I shall not call off my fast till you fully believe that sacred truth.

10:28 pm ? Pachauri: All right! I?ve got the message. I wish you would see the difference between something tender and loving and something crass and vulgar. You obviously don?t! So I shall slink away and withdraw! Farewell my sweet [the complainant?s name]. But I insist on the fast just to hear you say that you believe I really love you !

10:35 pm ? Pachauri: Besides I want to punish myself for alienating you!

10:36 pm ? Pachauri: And losing the most wonderful girl I?ve ever met!

Oct 2 ? Pachauri: ?I hope you are cool and far from nerve-wrecked.? If it is any comfort at all I want to assure you that I love you in the most sublime, wholesome and genuine way. Never would I do anything to you or for you that you don?t consider supremely beautiful!?

Oct 2 ? complainant: ?I am a little less nerve-wrecked now and I hope you eat something now. Have a good trip to Poland Dr Pachauri and I?ll see you next week.?

Oct ?10 ? Pachauri: ?Yes, I would love you physically, only because I love you in all the other aspects. I, there,? would find it difficult to touch you except to kiss your hand.?

Oct? 10 -? Pachauri: ?I find it now very difficult to hug you. What haunts me are your words from the last time that I ?grabbed? your body. That would apply to someone who would want to molest you. I loved you in the soul, mind, heart??

Nov 14 ? Pachauri: ?You came to me at the loss of your earlier job as a measure of desperation?In the context of your injury, what faith have you shown in me? You have been going to the gym against my explicit advise?[sic] Even you must know that even if I don?t marry you, I am yours for life. ?

Nov 24 ? ?complainant: ?If you have the hots for someone you do. It doesn?t mean you love them. Love is different. Sex is?beautiful and enjoyed only when you are with the right person. I can?t love everyone. You have had two one-night stands. I have only gone to bed with whom I have dated, not just had sex with someone I have had one dinner with??

And he was in charge of the IPCC…clearly his mind was focussed on something other than climate.

To make matters worse there is not just one complainant now.

Adding to Pachauri?s woes, a second woman and her lawyers told the Calcutta Telegraph on February 22 that Pachauri at TERI had been a serial harasser of women staff with touchings and contacts they considered loaded with sexual innuendos.? There now appears to be five TERI women complaining,?two named and three speaking not-for-attribution.

I wonder when the UN will speak out?

– Quadrant Online