The National election machine hits Northland while Winston is up to his usual dirty tricks


Credit: KGB


Prime Minister John Key landed in Northland today to drum up support for National’s newbie, Mark Osborne.

Team Key is deploying in Northland, there to lend a helping hand to political newbie Mr Osborne.

National has brought in its biggest weapon. It’s worried about the impact The Force, that’s Mr Peters, could have on the by-election.

“Clearly Winston Peters is the fly on the ointment and all of the Opposition parties are going to coalesce around Winston, so it makes our job harder,” says Mr Key.

Earlier this week Mr Key said he had zero chance of success, but it seems Mr Peters has gone from zero to hero. That’s because a 3 News-Reid Research poll this week had 35 percent backing Mr Peters to take the traditionally safe National seat, with Mr Osborne getting only 30 percent.

While Mr Key thinks Mr Peters is pulling a stunt by standing in the by-election, only 29 percent agree with him. Fifty-six percent of people surveyed believe Mr Peters is serious.

“It’s critically important for us that everyone meets Mark and gets his name out there.”

Mr Key was the main draw card today, and National is banking on his presence being enough to get them over the line.

Although TV3 are Winston’s cheerleaders, Winston himself isn’t below pulling the odd dirty trick himself.

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Credit: KGB


Winston crashing the National party in Mangawhai yesterday.