The Silence of the Lambs

Well National’s caucus was a non-event.

After a?25 minute tirade from John Key it can best be summarised as “National was always going to lose the campaign, but ran a good campaign…really it was a good one…but because it was a by-election it has no effect…nothing to see here, move along“.

Not one MP spoke out about the dreadful result or the cast of characters responsible for the debacle.

It was Silence of the Lambs…and those lambs are now being led to the slaughter.

To cap it all off they all congratulated themselves and all those who worked so very hard for the…uhmmm…loss.

Are these muppets on a different planet to me? ?

Or do they just not care that they lost a safe National seat, one held for more than 70 years?

If this is how the party reacts to a shellacking then they are going to wake up real surprised after the 2017 election when half of them will need new jobs.

The arrogance is breath-taking.

Politics is a zero sum game, you either win or you don’t, you can’t gloss over a loss like that.

You can’t polish a turd, but you can cover it in sprinkles and it looks like John Key is doing that.

It will have to be up to the regions at their conferences to try and hold John Key, Steve Joyce and Peter Goodfellow to account.

Someone needs to tell John Key he’s dreamin’ thinking he can just dismiss the by-election result.