The silly Northland conspiracy theories

A while back the looney left thought John Key knew about Mike Sabin?s personal problems before the election and left him in place.

This was a pretty stupid thing to think at the time, for the obvious reason that no one in government ever wants a by-election. They cost money and they cost resources…and especially in an electorate like Northland which is massive, and can’t be run from a motel room in the suburbs.

The current close race in Northland demonstrates why Key would have sacked Sabin if he had have had half a chance.

In the middle of a general election a quick switch of candidates as happened in 2008 with Jonathan Young in New Plymouth wouldn?t have been noticed and wouldn?t have given Winston a platform to strut around like a bantam rooster.

Key didn’t cover anything up in Northland. He didn’t know or he would have knifed Sabin immediately.

The left focus on something that Key didn’t cover up when there are really obvious cover ups of National wife beaters and dodgy bastards who have lost vast sums of investors money or not paid their bills.

National is a target rich environment but you have to have half a brain when you are in opposition to choose the right targets.

You’ve got to start wondering if Labour have their own hidden wife beaters and don’t want to trigger that particular war.