The things that amuse us


The image of the woodpecker giving a small weasel a lift on its back became an internet sensation and went viral around the globe.

The emergence of photographer Martin Le-May’s incredible snapshot has sparked dozen of hilarious memes parodying his work.

Fans went to town creating their own versions of the image using a number of famous faces, including Miley Cyrus in her infamous wrecking ball get-up, Madonna and Chelsea captain John Terry.

Characters from the likes of Toy Story and Lord of the Rings were also featured in entertaining send-ups, as were world leaders such as Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-un.

This is not the first time that the online world has united in creating comical ways of lampooning a picture. Hours after Kim Kardashian posted the image of her oiled-up derriere the internet reacted in force.

Most recently the two tone dress was given the meme treatment, with people creating graphics to mock the internet’s fascination with the dress.

People have had some fun with this one too:

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