The three articles the Electoral Commission asked us to withdraw

Residents Vote In Mana By-Election

Whaleoil is?quite aware of the Electoral Act, and apart from reminding our own readers to be well behaved when commenting, all our material was previewed to ensure it would not contravene the Act. ?We acted proactively and responsibly.

About mid-morning, I received an email from the Electoral Commission to take down three articles.

I strongly disagree with the Commission, who acted after complaints were received, but we complied with their request. ?

From: Whaleoil
To: Kristina @ EC

The posts are removed.

I disagree with your assessment, none of those post promoted a candidate or a party or directed someone how to vote. Nevertheless we have removed those posts until 7pm.

I now request under the Official Information Act full details of the complaint/s received including diary notes in the Electoral Commissions systems and processes for handling complaints.

In order to eliminate doubt, I request the name of the complainant, the method by which they complained and the full details of the complaint.

As the information is readily to hand I request this be handled urgently outside of the normal 20 day limit. There should be no reason for with holding this information for anything longer than 24 hours.

Thank you,
Cam Slater

And now we wait.