There was once a time when media understood operational security

The media are hankering after the identities of Kiwi troops being deployed to Iraq.

One can only assume that they want to put these soldiers and their families in even more danger. Instead they turn it into a story about the NZDF being secretive.

The media disgusts me.

The Government is keeping a tight lid on the identities of the soldiers being deployed to Iraq to ensure the safety of both them and their families from what it calls a barbaric terrorist group with “broad tentacles”.

The New Zealand Defence Force’s reconnaissance team has already arrived in Iraq and next month Kiwi troops were expected to be deployed to train Iraqi soldiers in the fight against Islamic State (IS).

While the threat to soldiers and their families shouldn’t be a worry on a “daily basis”, Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee told TVNZ’s Q+A it was enough of a concern to warrant protecting the identities of all those being deployed.

The deployment would still be recognised at a Government level but their departure would be treated “a little different this time” to ensure all the right protections, he said.

“We shouldn’t assume that New Zealanders aren’t affected by this particular terrorist grouping. They have very broad tentacles, deep connections and extraordinary reach to people who are disaffected through social media such that we’ve never seen before.”

Brownlee said IS was far more “financially resourced” in ways other terrorist organisations haven’t been.

“They have a message that is very much opposed to the way of life that we enjoy here in New Zealand.”

Here’s an idea…embed some journalists especially those who are the ones chasing details of the identities of the troops and publish their personal details as well…then we will suddenly see a total lockdown on information.

We are at war with a bunch of head hacking terrorists with their tentacles everywhere and the NZ media want to publish details of our soliders.

That makes them traitors in my book.


– Fairfax