This is why you don’t release terrorists

More than 100 terrorists formerly held at Guantanamo Bay and released by the Obama administration are back out in?the?wild committing acts of terror.

At least 116 terrorists released from the U.S. prison based in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have returned to terrorism, according to a new report from the Director of National Intelligence released last week.

“Based on trends identified during the past eleven years, we assess that some detainees currently at GTMO will seek to reengage in terrorist or insurgent activities after they are transferred,” the report said.

Thirty three suspected terrorists were released from the prison — or as the Obama administration calls it, “transferred” — in 2014. During his first presidential campaign, Barack Obama pledged to close the prison, saying it prompts Islamic extremists into attacking U.S. interests. ?

“It is simple common sense that the most radical and dangerous Islamist terrorists — which are who we hold at Guantanamo Bay — ill return to terrorism if given the chance,? House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R.-Calif.) ?told ?That is why the Obama administration should stop hunting for pretexts to release them in a misguided attempt to close down the prison.”

CNS reported that in a previous DNI report, intelligence officials warned that terrorists released from Gitmo would return to the field. “Based on trends identified during the past eleven years, we assess that if additional detainees are transferred without conditions from GTMO, some will reengage in terrorist or insurgent activities. Transfers to countries with ongoing conflicts and internal instability as well as active recruitment by insurgent and terrorist organizations pose a particular problem,” the report said.

Obama is not only the world’s best gun salesman but also the world’s biggest terrorism hugger.

We should stop capturing these scumbags alive and start putting them in shallow holes in?the?ground.


– Truth Revolt