Thug walks free, we translate his weasel excuses

A Hastings thug has walked free after a dud judge bought his weasel excuses.

A Hastings man, beaten and left for dead during an unprovoked and brutal attack, is in “total dismay and disbelief” after a “thug” teen avoided jail time.

Jacob Patrick Broderick, 18, was sentenced at Hastings District Court yesterday after leaving a now 33-year-old man bloodied and unresponsive outside the clock tower public toilets on Te Aute Rd last year.

Broderick was sentenced to four months’ community detention, 200 hours’ community work and nine months’ supervision.

His guilty plea to a charge of injuring with intent to injure came after his friend and co-attacker, Falcon Kaine Walsh, was jailed for two years and six months for his part in the bashing on August 3 last year.

Following the sentencing, the victim’s sister said she felt “let down by the system” and worried that a “thug” was allowed to walk the streets.

Judge Bridget Mackintosh said Broderick was a “talented sportsman”, had performed well at school and the attack appeared “out of character”. He had been a Hawke’s Bay junior cricket representative.

Judge Mackintosh said there had been a “developmental block in the brain, which is apparent by this kind of conduct”.

The new defences with explanations:

  1. ?I am talented sportsman?? ??????? – played in the local team when they were short.
  2. ?I performed well at school??????? – didn?t get too many ?F?s on my report
  3. ?it was out of character??????????????? – most days I don?t punch people.
  4. ?I had a development block in the brain?????????????? – medical science breakthrough for crims.
  5. ?I was fuelled by alcohol????????????? – have a spot with the boys and get away with anything
  6. ?I had a brain explosion??????????????? – more medical science, a new name for hot temper, stupidity, showing off etc
  7. ?I have good references????????????? – ever read a bad reference?

Report said?.

When Broderick left court he was welcomed by several family and friends.

As he was whisked away in a ute, Broderick made hand gestures out the window.

Clearly he shows:

  1. No discipline
  2. No shame
  3. No remorse
  4. No respect

A dud judge has let a thug off the hook.


– Hawkes Bay Today