Today?s Trivia


Welcome to Daily Trivia. There is a game to play here. The photo above relates to one of the items below. The first reader to correctly tell us in the comments what item the photo belongs to, and why, gets bragging rights. Sometimes they are obvious, other times the obvious answer is the decoy. Can you figure it out tonight?

The first animal to ask an existential question was from a parrot named Alex. He asked what color he was, and learned that it was “grey”. (source) ?


In 1999 an Iraqi refugee fled to Australia and lived off their welfare system. Years later after he became successful, he walked into the local welfare office and tried to pay back every cent with an $18,000 check. What a good bastard! (source)


There’s a positive correlation between the obesity rate of a population and the number of Walmarts servicing that population. (source)


Sharon Stone, for many years, maintained that she had an IQ of 148 and was a member of Mensa. She admitted in 2002 that she was not, and had never been, a member of Mensa. (source)


There is a group of Pacific Islanders that can control their pupil dilation and see clearly underwater. (source)