Too close to call – Key

Yesterday I noted readers speculating that I was… speculating about the Northland by-election. ?After all, there are no polls to back up my assertions.

Not sure if they were new around here, but of course I don’t rely on public polls, and I try to be wrong as little as possible, and I share my ideas and knowledge with you based on a lot more than sticking my wet finger in the air.

There are people inside National that have already called it for Winston. ?That’s how close it is.

Even John Key is trotting out the message – the hope is that it might stir more National voters to come out and vote.

The Northland by-election could go either way, Prime Minister John Key says.

That’s a long way from his comments at the beginning of the campaign when he said Winston Peters didn’t stand a chance.

Since then one opinion poll has shown Mr Peters ahead of National’s Mark Osborne, and another has shown the leading candidates tied.

“We’re in for a huge fight,” Mr Key told reporters … ?”I think we’re doing a good job and we’ve got a good candidate, but it could go either way now.”

There’s been record early voting ahead of Saturday’s by-election, but Mr Key isn’t reading anything in to that.

“It’s generally a good thing, we encourage people to get out and vote,” he said.

Northland has been a safe National seat for decades and Mike Sabin retained it for National in last year’s election with a 9300 majority.

So, to my readers who have been saying I’ve been critical of Key and National without any solid foundation (some even polling other commenters as to where they could go to read a “proper” right of centre blog…), will you now call John Key critical of the National party without any solid foundation?

Is he just trying to play the underdog to scare voters into action?

Or could it just be that a 9300 majority got completely squandered by a bunch of idiots?

The National Party will still be here 5 years from now. ?John Key, Winston and most likely Orborne will not. ? We need to focus on the party – not it’s “rock stars”, who, quite frankly, have been off-key since election.