Troughers want to limit freedom of speech

Deary me, yesterday?s post ANTI-SUGAR ACTIVISTS USE CHILDREN WHILE HIDING REAL AGENDA, sparked the usual howls of ?how terrible?, ?attacking researchers?, ?attempts to silence them? blah blah blah.

It made me wonder if these so-called public health activists actually bothered to read the post. ?

On TVNZ?s SUNDAY programme, a story called Bittersweet by John Hudson was shown. In typical fashion it was all very one sided, but then again if you were a company making fizzy drinks you?d hardly get a fair hearing, so that would probably explain why they were a no-show.

In my post I mentioned Dr Rob Beaglehole, the dentist that sits there day in and day out pulling out rotten teeth from very young children. As I said, Rob Beaglehole had the stones to call me up and have a chat. While we may disagree on a few things, he was pleasant.

Now my good friend from the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) Union? Ian Powell, got all uppity about the post and banged out a media release ?Predictable attack on dental expert for highlighting high sugar consequences?.

Once again Ian Powell has got up on his high horse of sanctimony. He tried it on September last year upset about the trougher tag? being given to Otago University?s ?F**K the Police? academic Lisa te Morenga.

Now Ian Powell is well know to WhaleOil. His ASMS union ran flak for Annette King and for dismissing a man?s death after a doctor failed to inspect an x-ray a ?chink in the system?.

But back to the post. There was absolutely no outrage by the troughers over? the question of how these young kids are getting fizzy drinks. None. No, the only answer is a sugar tax, or laughing about? kids being called addicts by John Hudson.

There was also no comment by the troughers over Boyd Swinburn?s Lancet comments that highlighted the troughers? efforts at ?constraining the influence of?private sector actors?.

No, there was only John Hudson filling up a paddling pool full of sugar and getting a toddler to play in the sugar.

It?s all right for Ian Powell, Rob Beaglehole and others to moan and complain about attempts to silence people speaking out, but when someone else i.e. WhaleOil speaks out it’s all intimidation. Hypocrites.

If Rob Beaglehole and others are worried about kids and obesity, one of the first questions they should be asking is about the parents giving their kids fizzy drinks. But maybe that?s too hard a question to ask. It was certainly too hard a question for John Hudson to ask.