Waikato Expressway gets $1.5B for the next stage

The Government has written another transport cheque, this time for more than $1.5 billion of funding to complete the Waikato Expressway.

It follows yesterday’s lolly scramble of bridges across the Northland electorate.

The expressway project has crossed a chasm in every sense. The Karapiro Gully is the biggest challenge of the fourth section of the Waikato Expressway, and after 16 months of effort it has finally been spanned.

“This is a huge milestone for the project,” says HEB Construction’s Gary Budden. “This is the biggest bridge on the Waikato Expressway and it connects the project up for the north and south sections.”

The bridge’s construction marks the midpoint of the expressway project, now designated as a road of national significance.

The bridge stands just three metres lower than the Auckland Harbour Bridge. It is constructed with 36 50-metre beams and held together with 23,000 bolts.

I’m confused. ?Is there a by-election in the Waikato? ?

Three sections of the expressway are already complete. The section bypassing Cambridge is expected to open in a year ? that is ahead of schedule.

The $1.5 billion in new funding will complete the 102km route.

“We were delivering this as a series of bypasses,” says NZTA highway manager Kaye Clark. “There was always a risk that maybe the last section wouldn’t get to happen, but now we’re doing it as a route and now the funding’s approved, we’re looking towards a completion.”

The expressway will benefit between the ports of Auckland and Tauranga and commerce within Waikato.

“It means that we can get goods to market which helps the economy, being able to get those reliably to port and meet the boats,” says Ms Clark.

The road will shorten the journey from Auckland to Tirau by 35 minutes

It’s astounding that a government would spend money on improving roads when there isn’t a political reason for it. ?It couldn’t be that the Northland bridges aren’t actually a cynical bribe, could it?

Or is the Waikato Expressway also a cynical bribe?

How can you tell? ? By the existence of a by-election?

Someone help me out here.

One thing that’s good is that it is going to bypass Hamilton and Cambridge,?meaning Aucklanders will no longer risk catching STIs by travelling through the Tron.


– 3 News