Was the rummage in the office worth it?

The two night shaggers who put on some entertainment for bar patrons in Christchurch by shagging each others brains out are no longer working for the firm who employed them.

I think they should have used the Len Brown defence…they’d still have their jobs.

The two office workers caught in a high-profile sex romp with the lights on are no longer employed by the Christchurch firm they were with at the time, according to NZME News Service.

The 50-year-old married senior manager at Marsh Ltd and the English-born 25-year-old woman have reportedly not returned to work since the late-night romp on January 30 that was witnessed and filmed by dozens of drinkers at Carlton Bar and Eatery across Papanui Rd.

The man, who has two teenage children to his wife, who found out about the affair only after seeing the images on Facebook, refused to comment when approached at his Sumner home this week.

What? The man who found out about the affair only after seeing the images on Facebook…What the hell…he was involved in it!

The insurance company’s bosses launched an employment investigation after the sex session made international headlines.

A Marsh spokeswoman said the company “could not provide any comment” on the conclusions of their internal inquiry.

It’s not known whether the wife is standing by the man.

She did not respond to queries from NZME News Service this week.

The younger woman involved in the affair has moved out of the house where she had been staying, close to her fiance.

Why are the media still after them? Bloody panty sniffing arseholes.

If it is good enough for a shagger like Len Brown to keep his job then why not them?


– Fairfax