Waste of taxpayers’ money as Kaye goes for a little jaunt

Nikki Kaye will meet with locals in the Chatham Islands today to see what damage has been left behind by ex-tropical cyclone Pam.

The storm lashed the Chathams early last week – the ferocious winds cutting power and bringing down trees.

Civil Defence Minister, Nikki Kaye, says she’s going for a first hand look what other damage was done.

“There has been some damage to several of the wharves.

“I mean, obviously they’re quite vital infrastructure for the Chatham Islands, so I want to have a pretty good look at those wharves and have a meeting with the mayor.”

Nikki Kaye says from her assessment, she’ll be able to decide what support the government can provide.

Oh that free air travel for MPs certainly gets a good workout, doesn’t it?

I mean, they have had some damage so sea walls.

Does it really require a minister of the Crown to go and look in person?

Kaye is?not a civil engineer.

Kaye is?not a loss adjuster.

What a blatant waste of time and money.

Surprised Northland can spare her, seeing as Osborne had to give up his daughter’s birthday.


– Newstalk ZB