‘Tis but a scratch

John Key seems to have a happy knack?these days of treating his supporters with disdain.

He is apparently “philosophical” about losing a safe National seat to Winston Peters. He sounds remarkably like the Black Knight in Monty Python.

Prime Minister John Key says losing Northland in yesterday’s byelection was disappointing but he was “pretty philosophical” about it.

It was effectively a two-candidate contest between National’s Mark Osborne and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters who won with a 4012 majority and that could not be translated to a general election.

“Once you back to a normalized scenario where there are a great many more candidates, then the dynamics change dramatically because obviously you get vote splitting and we are by far the biggest party and our candidate will come through,” he said today from Melbourne, before the cricket final.

Mr Key said he would take the loss on board.

“The voters are never wrong like, frankly, in my view, the polls are very infrequently wrong.

“We’re not dismissing it. We’re saying the rational explanation is that you’ve got a collection of parties up against National rather than droves of National voters deserting us.”

Actually John Key is wrong, dead wrong, and I suspect he is?going to hear about it come Tuesday at caucus…which won’t be a cap doffing, forelock tugging event like they normally are.

Some blood needs to be spilled, and the caucus are restless.

John Key and his?pals just lost a safe National seat with a ham-fisted, wonky campaign from the party strategist.

The regions are in revolt in?the?party, I have had plenty of emails from key people in rural electorates who had offered to assist in?the?campaign and were told that it was in hand.

It wasn’t in hand…it was a debacle overseen by the party’s chief strategist and his coterie of helpers.

They lost a safe National seat…and John Key is?philosophical?

Should he still be in charge if the worst thing to happen to the party in 7 years is something to be brushed off so lightly?

At the very least people on?the?board need to be held to account, along with Steve Joyce.

To say he was philosophical just spits int eh face of the hard working party volunteers out there who put int he hard yards and are the ones who actually win elections…if this attitude continues then expect the old ducks who scrutineer or bake scones or deliver pamphlets year in year out to disappear as they find knitting is more to their liking than helping the party.


– NZ Herald